Taji 100 Gallery Upload photo

I’m Ready for February!!

Ready to run!

Let's do this Ohio!!!!

Central Maine Team RWB - lets do this!!!!

Ready for February!!

My Jamie and I rucking together.

Ready for Feburary! Excited to be apart of Taji 100.

Lucy after completing her 100 miles in 2019.

We will, Rise above ! ! Taji 100 mission complete; by father and son. We are proud of our son for many reasons, including serving at Camp Taji.

Finishing my last mile in front of the Alamo. This was the hardest physical accomplishment I have ever done—- for a 60 year old who just started running a year ago. Mission accomplished!!

cool t shirt

Thanks to the Almighty my savior Jesus Christ for finishing this challenge. 11 years ago I proudly serve at Camp Al-taji.

1.5 miles before the workout 3.5 during at orange theory to finish out the last day of taji 100.

Last group run for the 34ID Red Bulls here in Kuwait for #Taji100. Had 17 of us finish their 100 miles and a few more to make it today :)

Finisher photo!!! Toby, my puppy, did 80 of the 100 miles.

Completed the challenge on 2/27/19 together with my friends during our Team RWB Yuma chapter weekly Wednesday night run/walk.

4.5 miles on morning of 2/27/19 with Toby, my 7-month old puppy, who has completed 80 of the 100 miles together with me.

First yr for Taji 100 as a member of the South Bend IN Chapt of RWB, I am supporting our Indianapolis RWB Team this year. All were good miles; but, not quality miles & I was happy to avoid any shin splints in running, walking varying distances. Many Thanks Taji-100 great event.

This month so far.

Mission Complete! Thank you for such an awesome goal to aim for... To all my Brothers and Sisters in arms wherever you are serving or have served thank you for dedication to this country and unwavering dedication to all your goals! Go NAVY!

Every single mile I have done was while wearing the Goruck with bricks weights and water weighing between 74.1lbs as shown in photo and 55lbs. This is for a personal challenge of 1000 miles this year. No problem.

Solitude can be healing

5 a.m. 31 degrees.

My retirement gift from my unit attached to the 22 pound ruck I've been carrying this month.

10k. Run for the base Los Alamitos

Finished the Taji100 for the first time yesterday @ 7 days before the end of February!

Finished the Taji100 for the first time yesterday @ 7 days before the end of February!

When it's hard to get moving and your body is tired sometimes the scenery is enough to get you thru #teamrwbnorthenDE #Taji100

Tonight (Tuesday) was run streak day 1,235 having run a minimum of a mile a day. The photo was from Sunday afternoon when I logged 103.22 miles for the Taji 100. I didn't take a day off afterwards either and now sit at 129.42 for the month, all running! Representing Team RWB Roch

Boom, complete!!! But I'm still going to run till the end of the month. Each mile is verified & counted for - thank you T100 for offering the challenge!!!!

I completed my 100 barefoot and in the sand. What a better way to close out the Taji100.. oh but I dont stop. Let's keep going.. I am pulling for all of you to finish

10 degrees out side. Today’s goal was 2 miles and the Valentines Day Achievement!! We did it!! Inside at the mall.

See you Tuesday.

2 mile recovery run and upper body today. Olny 28.66 miles to go

During our 5-day javelina hunt in Arizona I covered 16.5 miles in rugged terrain - I am counting them towards my taji miles!

Flying the eagle on indoor workouts

1000 will be conquered by this EAGLE

Rockin it on the set of the new Netflix show The Umbrella Academy.

Team RWB getting their Taji100 Miles in!

Decided to go the extra .01 to make 8! Almost there!!!

100 or 1000 bring it!!!!!!!

Running the Capitol Hill before working the State of The Union

After a long day of rucking I needed to replenish my energy.

Eaglefire being forged.

This month taji100 pt2

This month Taj 100

Representing Team RWB at the SF Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon for the third year

It keeps snowing here & now 2" more accumulation since pic Spent 40 min walking in my townhouse up &down stairs & halls just to get 2 Mi in. So done w/snow. In a.m. will shovel, & wait for next storm 3-10" expected. Don't they know Taji100 is on?

Half way, feeling great!!!!

Getting 6 miles today by rucking with my family at Griffith Park, Los Angeles, Ca.

Drill on this rainy day so dreadmil miles it is.

Beautiful morning to do 8 miles out at Avila Beach.

Neither sleet nor snow will keep me from making this challenge! I let the frigid weather last week keep me from doing much, so need to make up some miles. Did 5.5 this afternoon as it was starting to snow, and only stopped because the flakes were big and starting to stick.

Sunset walk on along the riverside in Daytona Beach

Midnight run in DC!

Way to get out there RWB fam!

Oh yeah, another 6 + in the books!!!!

A beautiful DC day to snag a quick 4 miles over lunch

Ruck sack weigh in.

I get my miles in with 74 lbs in my ruck.

Decided to go old school, pulled out my ruck & added 40 pounds. Put on my boots & decided to go for a walk!!! Just finished almost 5 1/2. On top of running 5 miles this morning! Taji 100 - let's get it!!!

1.5 mile dog walk with my puppy today.

Kick off run with #teamrwbhonolulu

Kick off run for Taji 100 with #teamRWBhonolulu

No time to rest after the Super Bowl, right back it a few more miles down!!!

Team TAJI 100 @ 2019 408K (San Jose, CA)

Getting those miles in is always better with friends! Team RWB Joint Base MDL

2 mile run and a short walk with dogs....knee felt great not pushing it just going to do what I can do this month.

10 miles down this AM! Couldn't make the 408K because of deployment, but still getting work done! RAAAH!!

Day 1 ..... so instead of running in the heat I brought some cold..... 4 miles down

My first #Taji100 and I'm taking the streets of East Los Angeles with me.

#taji100 #coralsprings Coral Springs, Florida

Cape Fear River Trail

First half marathon in the books!

#teamRWB Clarksville TN Fort Campbell Ky

Walked Pope Airfield - had to take a quick snap at Airborne St. 6.5 more miles down. Hooah!

2 days down with a total of 7.49 miles logged.

2nd day of challenge I was fortunate that rain stop for my first 3 miles.

First day of challenge 2/1/2019

Caissons Roll!

Decided to see what this elliptical is all about for day 2! Let's get it!!!! (The machine resets after an hour btw, so be careful for long distances)

Fun start

Let’s go Twin Cities!!

7.88 miles with Wounded Warriors who are training for the Bataan March at White Sands in March. They trained today along the riverwalk.

A snowy DC morning made for an awesome start to the challenge!

Had to dig my feet out of the snow with each step. Motivating first day.

Day 1, 27 more to go!!!

Dangling the carrot. I really want to wear this shirt.... 100 miles until I can.

34ID Red Bull's starting it out with a nice 5k at 0530 in Kuwait. #Taji100

Check presentation to Team RWB for the 2018 event. Over $26,000!

Taji 2018 miles on the beach

Finished my Sixth Taji100! Can’t wait for next year!

Won't stop can't stop

Taking one mile at a time!

Getting those Taji miles in!

Claudia Newsom at the finish line of the Jackpot Ultrarunning Festival - 100 Mile Race. 26:27:47

Taji 100 finishers

Taji100 novice. First attempt and planning to tackle this awesome event again next year. Many thanks to my Vallarta sisters for inviting me!l

TAJI 100 Lifeline Wrap Up track workout Los Gatos, CA 2/28/18

Paul Fukuma, original participant in the first TAJI 100 (Iraq, 2010) giving some perspective and inspiring words during the Bay Area midnight kick off run!