Taji 100 Gallery Upload photo

Check presentation to Team RWB for the 2018 event. Over $26,000!

Taji 2018 miles on the beach

Finished my Sixth Taji100! Can’t wait for next year!

Won't stop can't stop

Taking one mile at a time!

Getting those Taji miles in!

Claudia Newsom at the finish line of the Jackpot Ultrarunning Festival - 100 Mile Race. 26:27:47

Taji 100 finishers

Taji100 novice. First attempt and planning to tackle this awesome event again next year. Many thanks to my Vallarta sisters for inviting me!l

TAJI 100 Lifeline Wrap Up track workout Los Gatos, CA 2/28/18

Paul Fukuma, original participant in the first TAJI 100 (Iraq, 2010) giving some perspective and inspiring words during the Bay Area midnight kick off run!