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Thank you for supporting Team RWB Eagles. Our mission is to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.

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Distance Log

Feb 12
2.00 miles on Wednesday
Time: 0:25:00
Pace: 12'30"

Feb 10
4.40 miles on Monday
Time: 1:08:00
Pace: 15'27"

Feb 10
0.40 miles on Monday
Time: 0:11:00
Pace: 27'30"

Feb 9
2.00 miles on Sunday
Time: 0:45:00
Pace: 22'30"

Feb 8
1.00 miles on Saturday
Time: 0:20:00
Pace: 20'0"

Feb 1
6.18 miles on Saturday
Time: 2:00:00
Pace: 19'25"