Fitness Training Unit Fort Leonard Wood

Team leaderboard
Name Total miles Avg pace
1 Kirby Ingles 100.73 14'27"
2 Matt Lansford 84.0 0'09"
3 Edward Williams 7.72 14'39"
4 Maggie Having 4.75 9'28"


Taji 100 would not be possible without our participants. What better way to show support of their efforts than by sponsoring their miles? Your generous donation through sponsorship will help inspire and motivate while benefiting our charity partner, Team Red White & Blue and Taji 100.

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About this team

The Fort Leonard Wood Fitness Training Unit is the standard for health, fitness and rehabilitation within the Fort Leonard Wood community, TRADOC, and the US Army. We are the standard to beat and the standard that other Fitness Training Units strive to reach.