Overall badges

Successfully completed the 2024 Taji 100 Challenge.

Part of a Taji 100 team.

Shares the Taji100 journey with a dog

Service branch

Served in the USPHS Commissioned Corps

Served in the Air Force.

Served in the Space Force.

Served in the Navy.

Served in the Coast Guard.

Served in the Marine Corps.

Served in the Army.

Participation year

First time participant

Second time participant

Third time participant

4th time participant

5th time participant

6th time participant

7th time participant

8th time participant

9th time participant

10th time participant

11th time participant

12th time participant

13th time participant

14th time participant

15th time participant


Logged miles everyday for 7 days.

Logged miles everyday for 14 days.

Logged miles everyday for 5 days.

Logged miles every day for 28 days.

Logged miles everyday for 3 days.

Logged miles every day for 21 days.

Logged 2 entries in one day.

Logged 4 entries in one day

Logged 3 entries in one day

Time of day

Entry after sundown

Entry between midnight and 03:00

Night time entry.

Entry between 3am and 7am.

Lunch time entry.

Special days

Traditional kick-off midnight run on February 1.

Entry on February 2

Entry on February 9

Logged an entry on February 11th.

Entry on February 13.

Logged an entry on February 14th.

Logged an entry on February 19.


Single entry over 5K

Single entry over 26.2 miles

Single entry over 10 km.

Single entry over 10 miles.

Single entry over 13.1 miles

Single entry over 20 miles

Logged over 300 miles.

Logged over 400 miles.

Logged over 500 miles!!

Logged over 200 miles.

Single entry over 50 km.

Ran 100 miles in one day!

Entry of less than 1 mile.


Single entry over 25 miles

Single entry over 200 miles

Single entry over 50 miles

Single entry over 100 miles

Single entry over 300 miles

Logged over 400 miles

Logged over 200 miles

Logged over 100 miles

Logged over 500 miles


Single entry of 5K

Single entry of 2500m

Single entry of 17500m

Single entry of 20K

Single entry of 26.2mi

Single entry of 13.1mi

Single entry of 12500m

Single entry of 10K

Single entry of 7500m

Total distance logged over 200K

Total distance logged over 50K

Total distance logged over 150K

Total distance logged over 100K


Single entry over 4 miles

An entry over 1 mile

Single entry over 2 miles

Single entry over 3 miles

Single entry over 5 miles

Single entry over half a mile

Logged over 100 miles

Logged over 25 miles

Logged over 50 miles

Total elevation gain

Elevation gain over 300ft

Elevation gain over 1,100ft

Elevation gain over 1,250ft

Elevation gain over 9,500ft

Elevation gain over 14,500ft

Elevation gain over 19,000ft

Elevation gain over 28,000ft

Elevation gain over 30,000ft

Elevation gain over 325,000ft