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100 miles. 29 days. 1 mission.

February 1-29, 2024


This is not a race. It's a personal challenge.


Conquer the challenge for something greater than yourself.


Only you will hold yourself accountable.


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Since 2010 Taji 100 has promoted health and fitness while supporting military related nonprofit charity organizations

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We grow and expand our impact thanks to our participants. Join us to help make 2024 our most impactful year ever. Will you take the Taji 100 challenge?


Megan W

"I am proud to add the Taji 100 to my running accomplishments for this year because without it, I would not be where I am today. Thank you so much for the Taji 100 experience and opportunity. Run on!"

Shelly R

"I'll keep it short but sweet…Never thought I had the time or strength to run 100 miles in a short month. Never thought of myself as a runner, yet here I stand, full of confidence that yes, indeed, I can, and I did, and I still do. Most importantly, the BEST aspect of the Taji 100 challenge was meeting and connecting with such an amazing group of people :)"

Diana K

"The Taji 100 was a great race to participate in because it helped keep me running and walking during the cold, winter months. I set goals for myself each week and each day so that I could finish the 100 miles in a month and felt satisfied reaching it. This is an event that can be accomplished by anyone that puts their mind to it!"

New year = New activity!

This year Taji participants can mix and match FOUR fitness activities to get their Taji miles in.

2024 Taji 100 activity options:

100 miles run/walk/hike/elliptical

300 miles cycling

25 miles swimming

200,000 meters rowing

Earn achievements. Stay Motivated.


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