Financials and Products



  • Paid participation.
    • The participation “fee” is included in the Race Package purchase. You will be guided through this payment during the registration process.
  • Participate for free.
    • Keeping with the history of this event, and in line with our Mission Statement, there is an option to compete free of charge. This allows anyone on a financially tight budget to still participate. Participating as a non-donating competitor will restrict certain features of the website from use (ie: entry analytics, certain profile edits, etc). However, you will still have access to the same tracking features as a donating member. Being a non-donating member will also remove eligibility for any prizes or free item giveaways. You can “upgrade” at anytime during the event by purchasing a package from the store.
  • Financial vendors.
    • Taji 100 uses Stripe and PayPal to process financial transactions. Donations are subject to their service fee structure.
    • Current Stripe and PayPal rates are 2.2% + $0.30 on each transaction.
  • Donations to Team RWB.
    • All monies collected by Stripe and PayPal are subject to their fee structures and will be calculated accordingly. If Taji 100 operating costs exceed the revenue received from product sales, Taji 100 reserves the right use funds from the collected RWB donations to cover the difference.
  • Taji 100 is completely nonprofit. 
    • No member of the Taji 100 board or staff receives monetary compensation for their time and hard work. This is 100% labor of love!
  • Transparency is very important.
    •  All financial records and receipts will be posted on our website, Facebook page, and emailed to all registered users. Team Taji believes in being completely transparent and we will make every effort to show where every penny is going.

Taji 100 is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Gilroy, California.

Taji 100’s federal ID number is 46-5516006.


  • Package contents.
    • One (1) 2023 Taji 100 shirt*,
    • One (1) 2023 Race Bib,
    • One (1) Taji 100 Decal.
    • The purchased package during the registration process will include:

*Shirt sizes and gender cuts are very limited in quantity, and subject to availability. Shirts will NOT be restocked once sold out.


·       Packet purchase does NOT guarantee receipt of a Race Medal.

o   Medals are included in the first 3,500 packets sold. Deployed military participants will have priority on any available medals. Taji 100 reserves the right to withhold medals from the first 3,500 to fulfill deployed military orders.

o   Race Medals are given, free of charge, as tokens of Taji 100’s appreciation for your participation and early commitment to the program. These medals are extremely limited in quantity and will not be re-ordered. They are given on a first come first serve basis, so please register early to ensure you acquire one.

  • Additional items.
    • Some extra items may be offered during the registration process. These are also limited in quantity and subject to availability.
  • Individual shirt sales.
    • After the registration period closes, remaining Taji 100 shirts and products may be purchased through the Taji Store. Purchase of Taji products from the store is separate of the entrance fee during the registration process.
  • Awards, prizes, and services.
    • These are based solely upon the generosity of our partners, sponsors and supporters. Since these items and services are gifts from outside companies, Taji 100 cannot make any guarantee(s) to the authenticity or quality of the products or services. If there are any problems or concerns with the products or services received, we ask that you address those issues with the donating company/agency.
  • Taji 100 partners and sponsors.
    • Taji 100 partners and sponsors are not obligated to provide any products, services or other merchandise outside of their respective MOUs with Taji 100.
  • Sold out Sizes.
    • In the event a certain size/ gender of 2023 Taji 100 shirt is sold out, we will try accommodate the needs of our participants. However, we reserve the right to not restock any/ all items.
  • Shipping only.
    • Local merchandise pickup will not be offered this year. All packets will be mailed.